Gazprom and Wintershall Celebrates 25 Years of Scientific and Technical Cooperation

An event was held at St. Petersburg to celebrating 25 years of successful scientific and technical cooperation between Gazprom and Wintershall Holding.
The parties looked back at the history of their partnership, noting the successes achieved in implementing joint scientific and technical programs for natural gas exploration, production and transportation, as well as various projects in the field of intellectual property management, environmental safety monitoring, and development and adoption of modern dispatching methods and tools.
The experience gained in the aforementioned endeavors is actively used in developing the Yuzhno-Russkoye field and the Achimov deposits of the Urengoyskoye field, as well as in operating the Nord Stream gas pipeline and underground gas storage facilities across Russia and Europe.
“The partnership between Gazprom and Wintershall Holding is based on sharing knowledge and experience. The results of our work throughout 25 years are best reflected in our key projects – the shining examples of efficient and mutually beneficial collaboration creating new opportunities for further development. Today, we have at our disposal a wide range of cutting-edge environmental and technical solutions. We are ready to tackle new challenges and move forward with exceedingly ambitious plans,” said Sergey Khomyakov, Deputy Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee.
“Wintershall set a precedent for energy cooperation with Russia in many sectors of the industry: together with Gazprom, we started delivering gas directly to Europe and became the first German company invited to take part in gas production in Siberia. Our scientific and technical cooperation in sharing knowledge and technologies between Russian and European oil and gas companies remains unprecedented in its scale and scope,” said Thilo Wieland, Member of the Executive Board of Wintershall Holding.
Also, Gazprom and Wintershall Holding celebrated 25 years of their cooperation in staff training and development. Over those years, the parties arranged over 400 professional development programs involving more than 6,000 people.

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