NLNG Releases Figures on LPG Production, Distribution to Domestic Market

By Ndubuisi Micheal Obineme

Nigeria LNG Limited (NLNG), a major player in the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) industry, has released an official statement to provide clarification as well as accurate information around its liquefied petroleum gas production and distribution operations in domestic market.

In statement made known to The Energy Republic, NLNG clarifies that it annually supplies close to 500,000 metric tons of LPG to the domestic market, rather than the previously stated figure of 1.5 million tons. This clarification underscores NLNG’s commitment to delivering 100% of its LPG production to the domestic market, a decision it made in 2022.

In 2023 alone, NLNG supplied 493,000 metric tons of LPG, contributing significantly to meeting domestic demand. This amount represents approximately 30% of the national demand for LPG, which is currently estimated at 1.5 million tons.

NLNG reaffirms its dedication to several key objectives, including continued supply of LPG to the domestic market, promotion of increased gas utilization, and raising awareness about clean cooking practices. Additionally, NLNG takes pride in its role as a catalyst for industry growth by encouraging new stakeholders to participate, supporting infrastructure development initiatives, and creating employment opportunities.

This clarification from NLNG serves to ensure transparency and provide accurate information regarding its operations in the domestic LPG market. It underscores NLNG’s ongoing commitment to meeting the energy needs of Nigeria while contributing to the development of the nation’s gas sector.

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