Weatherford Launches TruFrac Plug Technology

The plug provides both single- and multiple-zone isolation during plug-and-perf completions. Made with a proprietary, in-house blend of 97 percent composite, the TruFrac composite plug achieves higher run-in speeds, optimizes sealing and anchoring, and reduces the time required for milling. This plug enhances mill-out efficiency when using conventional drilling methods with tricone or junk-mill bits, including coiled-tubing milling.

The TruFrac composite plug is available in in 4 1/2- and 5 1/2-in. casing sizes and in top-ball and internal-ball configurations. The top-ball design provides a large flow area for communication below the plug while using a ball dropped from the surface to seal off communication during fracturing operations. The internal-ball design eliminates the need to pump a ball down and enables communication from below the plug after fracturing operations.


  • The plug is rated for use in environments with temperatures up to 300°F (149°C) and pressures up to 10,000 psi (68.9 MPa).
  • The upper slip and cone are machined from a single piece of proprietary composite and incorporate powdered metal buttons to provide the necessary anchoring force with the least amount of metal possible.
  • The patent-pending lower slip-ring design uses a combination of high-strength composite and small, hardened inserts to provide the required anchoring force. This avoids the breakage, spinning, and mill damage that harder, more brittle materials can inflict, while enabling effortless mill out and reduced cutting size.
  • The lower cone is faceted to prevent spinning during mill out.
  • The molded element system has a smooth outer diameter (OD), provides a superior seal, and enables run-in speeds of up to 500 ft/min (152 m/min) without the plug presetting. The backup system prevents the element from extruding while holding pressure.
  • The beveled mule shoe acts as a clutch to prevent spinning during mill out.
  • An optional pump-down ring can be installed to decrease the amount of fluid needed to pump the plug into a horizontal well.


  • Single- and multiple-zone plug-and-perf completions
  • Vertical, deviated, or horizontal wellbores
  • Underbalanced operations


  • The plug helps to reduce the time required for plug-and-perf completions with faster run-in speeds and quicker mill-out times. This decreases overall rig time and costs.
  • The predominantly composite material breaks up easily during mill out and produces small, lightweight cuttings that can be easily circulated out of the wellbore without plugging equipment.
  • The plug is highly durable and can be deployed in diverse environments.


Casing Size Casing Weight Maximum Tool OD Temperature Rating Pressure Rating Setting Tool Bridge Plug Configurations Top Ball Configurations Internal Ball Configurations
4 1/2 in. (114.30 mm) 11.6 to 13.5 lb/ft (17.26 to 20.09 kg/m) 3.66 in. (92.96 mm) 300°F (148°C) 10,000 psi (68.9 MPa) Baker #10 or Owen Not Available Available Available
4 1/2 in. (114.30 mm) 11.6 to 13.5 lb/ft (17.26 to 20.09 kg/m) 3.66 in. (92.96 mm) 250°F (121°C) 8,000 psi (55.1 MPa) Baker #10 or Owen Not Available Available Available
5 1/2 in. (139.70 mm) 17 to 23 lb/ft (25.30 to 34.23 kg/m) 4.38 in. (11.25 mm) 300°F (148°C) 10,000 psi (68.9 MPa) Baker #20 or Owen Not Available Available
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