Wisdom Events Announces Nominees of LNG US Summit Awards 2017

February 23 – 24 2017, Texas, Houston will host an exceptional business event – the LNG US Summit. This business platform, hosted by Wisdom Events, is globally known for attracting major industry companies and widely appreciated professionals. During the event, hosted by professional event organizers, attendees will discuss the most important problems of the industry and engage in various topics, e.g., trends in global LNG market, LNG projects and many more. The LNG US Summit is a platform not only to share experience, knowledge and insights, it is also a perfect place to deepen old connections and to widen one’s horizons as well.

One of the main attractions of this prestigious event, is the LNG US Summit Awards. The Award ceremony is held during the Gala Dinner of the first day of the event – on the 23rd of February. Not only receiving the Award but also being nominated is a big achievement as it symbolizes the appreciation from both industry professionals and market analysts.

Nominees of the LNG US Summit Awards 2017

This year, the LNG US Summit Awards contain 5 nominations. They exclude five different aspects of the LNG industry – EPC projects, services, working in the global arena, developing new technologies, innovations and supplying LNG.

Here are the five Nominations and honorable Nominees of LNG US Summit Awards 2017:

  1. EPC Contractor of the Year

The Nominees for this Award are globally known contractors that executed enormous projects not only in the US, but worldwide:

  • Technip FMC
  • Fluor
  • Samsung Engineering
  1. The Most Efficient Service Provider of the Year.

These Nominees have been recognised as the most competent and productive:

  • Chart
  • Applied Cryo Technologies
  • Honeywell
  • Cryocan
  1. The Best Foreign Initiative in the US LNG Market.

The Nominees for this Award were praised by industry majors for developing unique global projects:

  • Osaka Gas
  • Jera
  • Tokyo Gas
  1. The Most Innovative LNG Project of the Year

This exceptional Award is a recognition from market analysts and industry leaders that implies achievement of developing new technologies and innovations:

  • Chevron
  • Baker Botts
  • NextDecade
  • BP
  1. LNG Supplier of the Year

No comment is needed for this Nomination – it goes to major industry leaders that supplied the largest volume of LNG:

  • Cheniere
  • Chevron
  • Exxon Mobil
  • Shell
  • Total

These are the final Nominees of the LNG US Summit Awards. Winners depend only from the industry leaders that attend this exceptional business platform – the LNG US Summit. During the first day of the event (23rd of February), the Gala Dinner is going to take place. Only then will participants be able to give their votes for the projects that, in their opinion, seem to be of the highest value – most exceptional, innovative or sustainable.

The LNG US Summit Awards is a result of hard-working market analyst and major industry leader’s work. Each stage of the Awards is based on the feedback that professional business event organizers get from the participants. The goal is to analyze each project and have a better understanding of sustainable technologies that protect our planet as much as possible.

The LNG US Summit is an exceptional business platform unifying industry leaders from around the globe. It will take place on the 23rd – 24th of February in Houston, Texas. Professional business event organizers are offering a flawlessly executed event format that allows to discuss significant industry problems and establish valuable connections with skilled professionals from major companies.

More information about this event and the Award ceremony could be found at http://lng-usa.com/23

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