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The Energy Republic January Edition 2024


This magazine features in-depth analyses about the final resolutions from the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference also known as COP28, held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from 30 November until 12 December 2023.

COP28 ‘Action Agenda’ which includes phasing out fossil fuels would continue to be an argument between oil producers especially from Africa as they have made it clear that it will continue to use its oil and gas resources to develop the continent as well as alleviate energy poverty. Phasing our fossil fuels in Africa will have a negative impact on major African economies among other issues. Some prominent energy lawyers have voiced their opinions on the impact of phasing our fossil fuels in Africa, featured on page 9.

Furthermore, Our ‘Top Story’ is focused on the Rethinking Africa Foundation, a German stakeholders and investors initiative pushing for a turning point in relations between Germany and Africa, with a focus on project development and creating jobs in the African continent.

In the magazine, we featured some latest industry updates coupled with other industry events and a useful list of project development in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, etc…

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