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Gas experts and stakeholders believe that the Nigerian gas sector is laden with immense opportunities. Following the need to make sense of recent and numerous developments within the Nigerian Gas value chain, a 2019 NIGERIAN GAS MARKET REPORT has been released, as a concise and insightful source of data and insights regarding the current state, as well as, future direction of the Nigerian Gas Sector. The 56-page report takes a look at the existing gas infrastructure in Nigeria, as well as, ongoing and planned developments within the sector. It presents secondary data regarding the recent trends in Natural Gas pricing in Nigeria, as well as production/consumption projections for Pipeline Natural Gas, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).

The recent adoption of the Nigerian Gas Policy (in 2017) by the Nigerian Federal Executive Council coupled with the aggressive pursuance of the development of the Trans-Saharan Gas Pipeline Project (TSGP) by the Nigerian Government have sparked a positive flame for gas-based opportunities, which translates into huge promises for current and future investors in the Nigerian gas sector. NNPC’s seven critical gas projects is being pursued with the recent Final Investment Decision (FID) made in February 2019 by Shell and its JV partners towards the development of the 300,000scf/d Assah North Gas field adding more speed to gas sector development.

Rightly described as a Gas field (rather than an Oil field) Nigeria’s huge gas resources provide an immense investment opportunity for those wielding the right tool. Investors, operators and other organizations providing ancillary services within the sector have often bemoaned the limited availability of a single, updated and analytical source of data regarding several aspects of the gas sector. This necessitated the development of the A 2019 NIGERIAN GAS MARKET REPORT by Meiracopp Nigeria Limited in collaboration with Energy Mix Report (EMR). Beyond providing data relating to the nation’s current and future gas infrastructure, the report also presents/discusses; leading gas companies in Nigeria; key indigenous players in Nigeria and their strengths and weaknesses within the gas business. It also analyses the challenges faced by existing gas producers, distributors and off takers, planned projects, regulatory and physical policy changes as well as a discuss on the recent Nigerian Gas Flare Commercialization Project (NGFCP). The report will make a great source of information for those who are looking to expand their knowledge of the Nigerian gas sector and its inherent investment opportunities.

To get a copy, please contact us via email: info@oilandgasrepublic.com

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