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AECIPA Brings Angola’s Oil & Gas Industry to Dialogue, Sets the Stage for AOTC 2020


Association of Contract Companies of the Oil Industry of Angola, AECIPA, is at the forefront to develop Angola’s oil and gas industry, through bringing together local and international players of the industry to share ideas, expertise, and experiences for growth opportunities.

Speaking in an interview with our Correspondent, Ndubuisi Micheal Obineme, the President of AECIPA, Dr Bráulio Brito, said that the oil and gas industry is the backbone of Angola’s economy and its main source of foreign revenue. And there is a massive contribution from the service companies, by way of the number of people employed or jobs created, technology transferred to the country.

With this development, Dr Bráulio noted, “We felt there is a need, a continuous need, to bring local and international players of the industry together to share ideas, experiences, lessons learnt, advise, as to have Angola continue to develop this industry and subsequently support further the government’s economic programs, which will ultimately be reflected in greater social and economic prosperity, leading thus Angola to grow independent of the Oil & Gas Industry.

“The major impact is that AECIPA, which is a 150+ members strong association, brings together the Service Sector of the Angola O&G Industry, particularly in debating, mitigating and strategizing all common issues in a concerted and measured way.”

In recognition of the importance of the oil and gas industry and the recently announced Presidential Decree; AECIPA has set the stage, and launching Angola Energy Month to take place on 15-17 December 2020, featuring a series of webinars culminating in the three days virtual Angola Oil and Gas Services and Technology Conference.

The Angola Oil and Gas Services and Technology Conference (AOTC) is accessible for all participants with an interest in Angola’s oil and gas industry – with speakers drawn from industry leaders and global experts.

AECIPA is in fact, Angola’s oil, and gas industry major interlocutor when it comes to discussing industry’s matters with the country’s stakeholders. AECIPA is responsible for ensuring stability and coordination within the industry.

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