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African Energy Chamber Appoints Simbi Wabote, Two Others to Advisory Board


…Simbi Wabote, Benoit de la Fouchadiere, and John Ngunjiri are set to enhance the expertise of the Advisory Board, bringing their extensive knowledge and experience to their respective committees.

The African Energy Chamber (AEC) has appointed Simbi Wabote, Benoit de la Fouchadiere, and John Ngunjiri to join its Advisory Board to facilitate growth and sustainable development within Africa’s energy sector.

In a statement obtained by The Energy Republic, Engr. Simbi Wabote, Benoit de la Fouchadiere and John Ngunjiri have joined the committee and will offer their expertise to the Advisory Board by serving on the committees aligned with their respective fields.

Wabote, the former Executive Secretary of the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board, joins the Local Content Committee, leveraging his renowned expertise to enhance its effectiveness. The Local Content Committee provides the AEC with expertise and guidance to steer public and private stakeholders toward African energy projects, prioritizing indigenous businesses and local talents. The committee also facilitates closer engagement with African nations’ local content initiatives, driving economic growth for both local and global players. As such, Wabote’s presence on the committee is particularly significant given his knowledge of local content development, particularly in relation to financing local players and initiatives. He will contribute to advancing the committee’s current objectives and introduce innovative ideas.

Meanwhile, Fouchadiere, Group General Manager of independent producer, Perenco, joins the Exploration and Upstream Committee, bringing extensive leadership experience. Fouchadiere’s addition strengthens its capabilities, enhancing its ability to identify and capitalize on exploration opportunities. His instrumental role at Perenco in stabilizing and expanding the African oil market underscores his valuable contribution to the committee. As a member, he will provide the AEC with expertise in exploration and upstream sectors, advising on projects to prioritize and where to focus investments, both offshore and onshore. With new African projects coming online, this committee stands ready to seize emerging opportunities and steer strategic investments for maximum impact in the exploration and upstream sectors.

Finally, Ngunjiri’s addition to the Legal and Regulatory/Policy Affairs Committee strengthens its capabilities, given his extensive experience in international project management. This committee plays a vital role within the AEC, providing advice on Africa’s energy sector regulatory framework and policy landscape. The experts navigate complex legal and regulatory frameworks, promote transparent and efficient projects, advocate for a competitive energy market, facilitate public-private dialogue, address regulatory bottlenecks, and drive sustainable growth and investment. Ngunjiri’s expertise in contract negotiation, engineering management, and legal proficiency aligns seamlessly with the committee’s objectives. He will provide valuable advice to the AEC on all legal and regulatory matters related to the African energy sector. 

“As Africa continues to navigate the complexities of its energy landscape, leadership and expertise become key in crafting sustainable solutions to combat energy poverty. The appointment of Wabote, Fouchadiere, and Ngunjiri to the Advisory Board marks a significant step forward. With their expertise and commitment, they will drive inclusive growth and facilitate investment opportunities, guiding Africa towards a brighter energy future,” says NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the AEC.

Together, Wabote, Fouchadiere, and Ngunjiri will collaborate closely with industry leaders from both the public and private sectors to advance the AEC’s mission of driving sustainable growth and fostering investment opportunities within Africa’s energy landscape.

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