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Altano Energy and Exus collaborate on dual 64MW Spanish solar plants exceeding 83,000MWh


With Exus Management Partners providing asset management services to Altano Energy, PV projects Puertollano and El Villar supply enough energy to power 28,000+ homes

Spain — Following their connection to the grid, two new solar plants located in Puertollano (Ciudad Real) have produced 83,230MWh, approximately the energy consumed by 28,065 homes. As the first PV projects fully launched by Altano Energy, a renewable energy platform based in Spain and Italy, the plants add to 60MW of operational hydroelectric generation in the region, and nearly 200MW of wind, solar, and hybrid projects currently under construction.

The projects, Puertollano and El Villar, constitute another step towards Altano Energy’s growth in Spain and the consolidation of a technologically diversified portfolio in different stages, from development to operation, of approximately 2GW. Exus Management Partners (Exus), a global renewables asset manager and market leader in Spain, is providing operation and management services as part of an extensive collaboration framework, following their supervision of the projects’ construction and grid connection.

The projects, now operating at full capacity, consist of two plants of 32MWp each, as well as a 220kV substation. Since their completion, both plants have produced a total of 83,230 MWh, exceeding the goal set since the beginning of the project and reaching a performance index of 83%.

Iñigo Sánchez-Junco, COO, Altano Energy, said: “We’re proud to have reached this milestone in Spain. The Puertollano projects are an investment that fits with our strategy: building a portfolio of quality assets, with a great capacity to create added value. To achieve this, we have had the technical and management support of Exus, which has provided its know-how and expertise to maximize performance, optimize efficiency, and mitigate the risks of the investment.

“Thanks to its broad knowledge in the development, construction, and operation of renewable energy assets, Exus has played a fundamental role throughout the construction and connection stage — a very delicate period in any project, which can affect deadlines and future performance. Alongside Altano Energy, Exus will continue to provide value during the projects’ operation, optimizing and implementing proactive strategies to further improve asset reliability and performance.”

Natalia Ordóñez, Development and Construction Director for Europe at Exus, added: “Our integrated approach, which incorporates our operation and maintenance teams at the end of the construction stage, has guaranteed a smooth transition from construction to utilization. Highly experienced construction teams and careful management of the entire process have enabled operational excellence and a timely project delivery. We’re glad to be able to continue working hand-in-hand with Altano Energy to achieve a common goal, and guarantee the solidity and profitability of their investment.”

The Puertollano projects are now integrated into the wider Spanish renewables market, with many mature assets currently generating energy. Furthermore, with the Spanish Government’s goal of reaching 160GW of renewable energy capacity by 2030, significant growth and transformation is occurring in the country’s portfolio of new projects and transmission capacities.

With the launch of the two Puertollano plants, Exus and Altano Energy contribute to the Castilla-La Mancha community’s leadership in installed PV power in Spain, with more than 5,600MW — around 25% of the national total. The region is a benchmark for clean energy, with 83% of its total power generation coming from renewable sources (11,600MW); more than 20% above the national average.

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