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An Offshore Worker Exposed to Radiation


According to STV News, an offshore worker was exposed to radiation on a North Sea oil platform.Technicians were carrying out radioactive tests on pipework aboard the Lomond platform when the crewman was exposed on Sunday.

The worker, who is believed to be a Sparrows employee, was treated by medics and has now returned to work.

The Health and Safety Executive has been made aware of the incident and an investigation is under way.

A spokeswoman for Stork, whose staff were carrying out the tests, said: “During a routine an inspection involving radiography techniques it is suspected that an offshore worker was found to be within a barriered-off area that was put in place as per permit to work processes.

“The individual has received medical evaluations both offshore and onshore and is confirmed to be safe. Stork is working closely with the BG Group to conduct a full investigation.”

The oil and gas industry uses radiation to inspect pipework without causing damage. The BG Group are in the middle of a major investment programme on Lomond, which includes improvements to the platform and crew accommodation.

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