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BAUR Manufactures Double Membrane Gas Holders for Storage Tanks, Other Equipment for Biogas Industry


By Ndubuisi Micheal Obineme

BAUR, a German biogas equipment manufacturer, is providing a variety of solutions for the biogas industry. The company is specialized in manufacturing double membrane gas holders for biogas storage tanks and other types of equipment for leak detection, emission protection cover, water storage tanks, ponds, foils, and fleeces, rolling gates, sliding curtains, ventilation equipment among others.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Construction Crew Limited at EnergyDecentral 2022 in Hannover, which was monitored by The Energy Republic, BAUR explained that the company offers unique solutions for the biogas industry, noting that it has launched a new heat protection product to store heat energy from the biogas storage tank.

According to the company, “BAUR has developed a new heat protection equipment to reduce the heat loss in storage tanks. This is something new and very useful in the German market especially when they are exchanging old gas holders or if they are building heating networks, it is important to save every kilowatt of heat energy.

“Our heat protection equipment vapourises the barriers and it doesn’t allow the gas to go on top of the storage tank. It keeps the heat on the lower level inside the tank.

“It has some foils in the side so that gas can go through it and inside the gas holder, while the condensate can drop into the tank.

“BAUR is the only company that has it. It serves as additional security for higher operating pressures.
“We are selling our products to over 40 countries in the world but our main market is Europe.”

Since 1991, BAUR has been supplying the biogas industry with components and meeting customers’ requirements in terms of products, quality, service, and logistics.

The company’s manufacturing program includes a wide range of modern foil materials. For example, biogas storage is manufactured as pillow or cylinder storage bags, tank, and lagoon covers, as single or double membrane covers, as well as covers for emission protection. The processing is carried out by BAUR’s qualified personnel with the most modern machine technology at the company’s location in Wolfertschwenden in Germany.

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