BMW sales lag those of Mercedes and Audi in January

Upmarket German carmaker BMW aims to regain the sales top spot that it ceded to rival Mercedes in 2016, the Munich-based company said on Tuesday.

In January BMW sold 169,538 cars worldwide, up 3.8 per cent on the year, with the figure including sales of its Mini compact make. BMWs made up 148,400 of the total, up 3.4 per cent on the same figure a year ago.

By contrast, Mercedes-Benz sold 193,414 cars in January, and Audi, the upmarket brand of the Volkswagen Group, was slightly ahead of BMW with sales of 149,100 over the month.

Speaking recently to Germany’s “Manager-Magazin,” BMW chief executive Harald Krueger indicated he intended to regain the top spot by 2020.

“I’ve committed my team to that target, even if it will not be a stroll,” Krueger said. BMW ceded the top spot to Mercedes in 2016 after years in the lead.

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