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UK based company, CELLO unveils world’s first solar TV in the Nigerian market


By Ndubuisi Micheal Obineme

UK based company, Cello Electronics has launched the world’s first solar TV in the Nigerian market. The product was launched in Lagos at the Solar Future Nigeria 2017, Nigeria’s first solar PV conference, organized by SolarPlaza.

Cello Electronics was established since 2001, based in the north of England. The company has a long running history in solar business and has become the only LED TV brand that still manufacturers products in the UK. From the production line in Bishop Auckland, County Durham it makes LED TVs from 16″ to 85″. As well as TVs it also offers a wide range of accessories, TV cabinets, soundbars and digital tablets. The company is one of Europe’s most innovative LED TV brands. Recently the company has expanded its product range to include digital tablets, laptops and all-in-one PCs.

Speaking with Oil and Gas Republic correspondent, David Faint the company’s representative said the solar TV has multiple functions and can be used to charge batteries for a variety of uses. This TV can be operated in remote regions of the world where there is no electricity or aerial installation. It’s an all-in-one package that includes the LED TV, portable solar panel and TV aerial in one box. It comes with 2 lamps with independent switches with 6m long cables.

“We are new to the Nigerian market and we are currently looking for local partners here in Nigeria that will help us distribute these products across the entire nation. The partner has to be a well established company with experience in solar products and electricity products and also have the financial capability to buy the products in stock, David Faint said”

Speaking further, he said, Cello solar TV will reduce the cost of buying fuels in Nigeria and making the environment more greener. “In UK everybody wants a TV to use it in watching sports such as footballs, movies and in Nigeria  the same thing applies”

Cello also focuses much of its efforts on providing the best after sales service in the industry. Cello’s goal is not only to provide an efficient and professional after sales facility, but also to offer superior technical support. Both of these services are highly advanced in comparison to the after sales offered by its competitors.

Domestic solar power systems are often fitted with a battery system that can be charged during the day and then used during the night (when solar panels are unable to generate electricity.) The same principle applies for solar garden lighting where a light unit will charge its internal battery during the day so that there is enough electricity stored to power its light bulb during the night.

A modern take on the principle of using solar energy to charge battery packs can be seen with the introduction of solar charging kits for handheld appliances such as smartphones and tablets. These come in a variety of forms and allow you to charge your devices on the go providing there is an adequate source of solar energy.

The Cello solar powered TV is an out of the box solution that is simple to operate. The TV is positioned in the viewing area whilst the solar panel and smart antenna is placed in a suitable location outdoors. The internal battery can be changed if needed. Cello products are distributed throughout the UK and also has business operations in Kenya as it aims to expand its business to other African countries.

He said “Cello Electronics has began its solar business journey in Nigeria and we are looking to expand our reach to the entire nation as we progress”

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