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E.ON to Build Highly Efficient On-Site Generation Plant for Procter & Gamble’s Production Site in Berlin


E.ON Connecting Energies is building a highly efficient on-site generation plant for Procter & Gamble’s (P&G) Gillette manufacturing site in Berlin. The plant will provide P&G’s razor and body care supply production with heat, power and cooling. The core element is a two megawatt combined heat and power plant (CHCP).
The CHCP concept is proving particularly beneficial with regards to sustainability: E.ON’s integrated solution helps P&G to reduce their overall power consumption, because absorption cooling will decrease the production site’s power needs by approximately 2.5 GWh annually. This is the equivalent of the power demand of 660 homes. Due to its high efficiency, this tri-generation scheme allows for a significant reduction of CO2 emissions by approximately 2,600 tons per year, this is as much as 1,000 cars emit when traveling a distance of 15,000 kilometers. In addition, P&G will be able to reduce public water consumption for cooling processes by 86 percent.
The new plant is planned to be operational by end of 2016. E.ON will own and operate the CHCP for P&G. In order to guarantee a high level of operational and maintenance efficiency and to adapt the operational mode on demand, the plant will be connected to E.ON’s 24/7 remote control center in Hamburg.
“This efficient tri-generation plant shows the numerous benefits that the decentralised solutions of tomorrow’s energy world can offer to energy-intensive industrial customers – from CO2 and energy reductions to cost savings. To realize these benefits, it is highly important to provide a solution fully tailored to a company’s specific requirements,” says Bernd Schumacher, CEO of E.ON Connecting Energies.

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