We don’t believe in waiting on the federal government to do everything

OGR talks to Oluwaseun Olatunji, MD/CEO of SBOG Nigeria

1)      Please give us some background and history of your company?
S.B. OLATUNJI GLOBAL NIGERIA LIMITED started its operations by sourcing, buying and preparing metallic mineral ores (Lead ore, Copper ore, Manganese ore and Zinc ore) of different quality grades from artisan miners. However, in year 2011 the company alongside her expansion plans successfully secured mining Exploration Licences (EL) in Benue state and Taraba state respectively and as such the Company is now strategically positioned to supply Lead ore and Zinc ore in large quantities as the company’s operations is no longer limited to purchase of the mineral ores from the artisan miners.
The company now has exploration licenses of an area of land spanning about 6.4Km-Square Area. The products after being cleaned are trucked from the mine(s) to Apapa port Lagos, in preparation for shipment to the Chinese market.
Our customers and partners are primarily Chinese importers and wholesalers who provide the mineral ores to the End-Users (Smelters) in the local Chinese market. S.B. OLATUNJI GLOBAL NIGERIA LIMITED is a privately owned company. S.B. OLATUNJI GLOBAL NIGERIA LIMITED is in its 9th year of operation.
2)      How would you describe your role in the mining industry?
We are a company focused on doing our bit in the development of the mining trade in Nigeria, regardless of the enormous challenges. We don’t believe in waiting on the federal government to do everything; however we also have minimum expectations from the specific mining government agencies. We are a visible stakeholder in the sector and of mention is our export track record of success.
3)      Any specific projects in the mining industry that you are involved in that you are particularly excited about?
We recently engaged a Canadian-trained Geophysicist to get involved in probing and defining our field in Taraba state; the project is in its final stage now. We are particularly interested in the peculiar nature of the occurrence of these minerals across Nigeria.
4)      What do you see as the main challenges in the industry?
These include but not limited to the following:
– Lack of adequate geological data to support informed decision making.
– Bureaucracy in the administration of the mining permits, rights and titles.
– Absence of industry specific finance by the Nigerian banks/financial institutions.
– Absence of standardized methodology for mineral ores sampling, testing; no reputable company is engaged in the minerals inspection services.
– Complete absence of indigenous mining junior companies that have consistent operations y-o-y.
5)      What did you decide to partner with iPAD Nigeria Mining Forum?
Since I discovered it served a good purpose to spark the necessary frank conversations desperately needed to move the industry forward.
6)      What will be your message at the event? 
Speaking will be on the necessity for government of Nigeria to upgrade the existing geological data to bankable data, to encourage the banks; upgrade to international standards conformity for mineral ores pre-shipment inspection services; cohesion & cooperation among the core players (i.e mining cadastre office – mining companies – ministry of mines – Central Bank of Nigeria – Nigeria Customs – Nigeria export promotion council); creating fair playground for mining companies to compete in global markets.

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