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GECF Participates in BRICS Energy Research Cooperation Dialogue in Russia


The Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF), the global platform of the leading gas producing countries, participated via videoconference in the annual meeting of the BRICS Energy Research Cooperation Platform (BRICS ERCP), held in Moscow, the Russia Federation, on the sidelines of the Russian Energy Week (12-14 October 2022).

The event brought together experts from the BRICS countries and international organisations to discuss studies prepared by BRICS ERCP on the development of the technologies in the fields of renewable energy sources, smart grids, as well as the traditional “BRICS Energy Review – 2022”. It was organised by the Russian Energy Agency of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, with the support of Chinese Presidency of the BRICS.

Representing the GECF, Dr Alexander Ermakov, Energy Econometrician, Energy Economics and Forecast Department, took part in the discussion. He emphasised that these studies are an important tool for energy dialogue, not only for BRICS countries but also for the entire world, given the BRICS’ contribution to promoting energy technology, ensuring energy security and enhancing sustainability.

Separately, Dr Ermakov elaborated on the role of natural gas in BRICS countries and highlighted that the promotion of this fuel is enshrined in their energy policies. Referring to the GECF’s latest estimates, he underlined that over the next three decades, primary energy demand in the BRICS will rise by 28% and natural gas will make significant in-roads, raising its share in BRICS energy mix from 14% in 2021 to almost 20% in 2050.It will be critical in replacing carbon-intensive fuels and backing up intermittent renewables. Overall, for BRICS countries, natural gas, the cleanest burning hydrocarbon, is expected to be an important pillar to attain the economic, environmental and social objectives.

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