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Ghana Increases Mini Grid Development


In West Africa, Ghana is increasing the deployment of mini grids to boost the current rate of electrification to over 200 islands and 2,000 lakeside communities, Graphic Online reported.
According to report, this rollout is in addition to the World Bank initiative, which is providing power to 10,000 people across five island communities on the Volta Lake.
Mini grid facilities to boost electrical access
On behalf of Ghanaian Finance Minister, Seth Terkper, his deputy Mona Quartey said that the Swiss Government had committed to developing three additional mini grid facilities for the rest of the island communities in the Ada East District in the Greater Accra Region.
Quartey said this during a keynote address at an industry-related conference earlier this week.
Terkper announced that the government had taken a major policy decision to mainstream mini grids into the National Electrification Scheme.
“As a result, such communities would enjoy the same electrification packages offered their counterparts in grid-connected communities,” the minister said.
He added that funds totalling $320 million had been approved to scale-up the renewable energy investment plan (SREP-IP) by the Climate Investment Fund for Ghana.
“The SREP-IP is currently being considered by the government for implementation,” he said.
According to report, the minister said that the ministry of power would provide additional financing to achieve flagship investments in the renewable energy sector under the SREP programme.
Source:  Solarplaza

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