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The Government of Canada Invests $2.5M in Clean Technology for Developing Countries


MARRAKECH, Morocco, – Canada is committed to providing strong support to developing countries as they work to reduce emissions that cause climate change and adapt to a changing climate. Innovative clean-technology solutions play an important role in reducing pollution and growing a cleaner, more sustainable global economy.
That is why Canada’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna, announced today that the Government of Canada is contributing $2.5 million to the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) to help developing countries access technologies that will help them pollute less and better adapt to the effects of climate change they are already facing.
Canada’s contribution comes as Denmark, the European Commission, Germany, Japan, Korea, Switzerland, and the United States also commit funding of more than $22 million to the CTCN.
This funding will allow the use of innovative clean technologies in developing countries, in sectors such as energy, water, forestry, and agriculture. By supporting the deployment of private-sector innovations and solutions, we are investing in a cleaner future for our children and grandchildren, and we are creating the right conditions for communities everywhere to create good jobs in a modern, clean, global economy.
Clean, innovative technologies are key to addressing climate change and to growing a global low-carbon economy. They also present opportunities for Canadian innovators as they enter these new international markets. Clean-technology growth and development will enable Canadian companies to create more well-paying jobs here at home.
Canada’s action on climate change helps communities in Canada and around the world in tangible and meaningful ways such as improved air quality and increased access to economic opportunities. Addressing climate change is making the world a better place. This investment is part of Canada’s pledge of $2.65 billion over five years to help countries and communities around the world pollute less, be better equipped to resist the effects of climate change, and make a positive contribution to a global clean economy. It is the most significant Canadian climate finance contribution to date.

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