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Green Capital Unveils Ambitious Plan to Develop 2600 MW Hybrid Wind Farms


Green Capital, renowned for its innovative solutions in renewable energy, has unveiled an ambitious plan to develop 24 hybrid farms with a total capacity of approximately 2600 MW. These projects align with the current “700+” regulations, ensuring adherence to the latest environmental and technical standards.

As part of these investments, Green Capital is integrating energy storage systems and photovoltaic (PV) farms, enabling continuous electricity production and optimizing connection capacities. Additionally, the company is exploring green hydrogen production in some of these projects.

The Green Capital Group, a long-standing contributor to the renewable energy market in Europe, comprises dozens of companies with a total share capital exceeding 185 million PLN.

Following detailed analyses, Green Capital is confident that well-designed hybrid projects—incorporating hydrogen production and combustion technology alongside energy storage systems—can effectively replace existing coal-fired power plants and planned nuclear power plants. These hybrid projects offer a compelling alternative to nuclear energy, being more cost-effective with predictable and lower operating costs. The dispersed locations of these farms further reduce investment costs in networks and minimize energy transmission losses.

Hybrid wind-solar installations capitalize on the complementary nature of different energy sources. When one source is inactive due to the unavailability of natural resources, the other compensates, ensuring uninterrupted and stable energy supplies to the grid. Given that wind and solar systems peak at different times of the day and year, hybrid systems are more likely to generate energy when it is needed most.

Investments in renewable energy sources avoid the generation of highly hazardous waste, gain broader societal acceptance, and can be implemented much faster. Green hydrogen, serving as a storage and condensed energy source, is a pivotal element of these projects, ensuring the stability and reliability of energy supplies.

Green Capital’s commitment to sustainable energy development unveils new opportunities for the future of energy, prioritizing not only economic efficiency but also environmental protection.

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