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Greenville launches first-ever Liquefied Compressed Natural Gas station in Kaduna State


By Ndubuisi Micheal Obineme

Greenville LNG has launched Nigeria’s first-ever Liquefied Compressed Natural Gas (L-CNG) station in Kaduna State. The project targets Kaduna’s transportation landscape by addressing fuel shortages and enhancing gas distribution.

In a statement published by the company, and obtained by The Energy Republic, Greenville LNG has also committed to establishing 25 L-CNG distribution hubs to provide reliable energy to fuel stations across the country.

The company said both LNG and L-CNG offer compelling alternatives to traditional fuels, delivering 15-20% fuel cost savings and promoting eco-friendly choices.

“We’re deeply honoured by the successful inauguration of our first-ever L-CNG project in Kaduna, Nigeria on October 24th. This achievement is the result of years of dedicated effort, and we take great pride in its growth and the promise it holds.

“We extend our gratitude to the esteemed guests who graced our inauguration, with special appreciation for Commissioner for Works and Infrastructure, Ibrahim Hamza, for his valuable support.

“Our vision is to establish 25 CNG distribution hubs across Nigeria. This initiative aims to save significant foreign exchange for the government and enhance fuel price competitiveness. Moreover, it contributes to the nation’s energy security and provides a more cost-effective alternative for around two million Keke Napep riders, empowering their economic prospects. This represents a significant step towards a more sustainable and prosperous energy landscape for our nation.

“This is just the start. Greenville LNG is committed to expanding these L-CNG hubs across every region of the nation.”

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