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IFP School Launches 1st Specialized Oil and Gas MOOC


With the support of Total, IFP School, the French leader in industry-oriented graduate programs in the fields of energy and transport, is launching the first specialized oil and gas Massive Open Online Course  (MOOC), “Oil & Gas: from exploration to distribution”. Offered in English and subtitled in French, the MOOC will be taught over four weeks, from May 11 to June 5, 2015.

The course is not only the first of its kind, but also innovates by bringing together three key players with interrelated interests. IFP School developed the course, IFP Training coordinated the project and Total, one of the main companies interested by education in this field, provided financial support, content and expertise.
The free course targets anyone with at least one or two years of higher education interested in the oil and gas sector and related professions. The subject matter covered includes:
  • The roles of the different industry players and the issues and challenges related to oil and gas.
  • The operations deployed to explore for and produce crude oil and gas, refine crude oil into end products and market it.
  • The economics of the oil and gas value chain, pricing and cost structuring.
“In keeping with our commitment to excellence, we are offering a MOOC focused on the oil and natural gas value chain,” explains Philippe Pinchon, Dean of IFP School. “As with our previous MOOC, it integrates educational innovations.”
“Professions in the oil and gas industry are constantly changing,” adds Jean-Luc Karnik, CEO of IFP Training. “Continuing education is vital to be able to tackle the many economic, geological, environmental and technical challenges facing the industry.”
“It makes perfect sense for Total to support this MOOC,” points out Gilles Cochevelou, Vice President, Learning, Education, University at Total. “We proactively encourage training in the oil and gas sector throughout the world, usually via partnerships between educational institutions and industry players. What we like about the MOOC format is its innovativeness and the fact that it is accessible to a wide audience. We hope that this new MOOC will spur interest in working in the industry and enable us to attract the new talent that we will need tomorrow.”
The MOOC lasts four weeks, with two hours work per week. A certificate of achievement is awarded. To reach the score needed to obtain the certificate, learners are assessed in an innovative way via video games.
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