ISQApave Supports Angola’s Local Content, over 70% Job Positions filled by Angolans


By Ndubuisi Micheal Obineme

ISQApave has made a strong commitment towards local content development in Angola’s oil and gas industry more especially offering various training programs to the Angolan people.

While speaking at the side-line of the Angola Oil and Gas Service and Technology Conference (AOTC) 2020, Director for ISQApave Technologies, Dr Rui Couto, said that together with its partners, they are providing training and certifications to local technicians over the years to present day.

According to him, ISQAPAVE is supporting emblematic O&G projects in the country and providing inspections for the umbilical to integrate ZINIA II project. And provides nonstop (in back-to-back) NDT Inspection in Block 17. ISQ APAVE LABMETRO is calibrating all BP offshore equipment’s.

“For ISQAPAVE it is important to enabling local content granting angolanization by offering people development towards serious involvement, working experience, on the job training and certification processes. This is the approach ISQAPAVE believes in. Deliver quality services to the customer, responsibility, and sustainability in the country.

“Since its beginning in 2004, ISQAPAVE is training and certifying local technicians and, in fact, more than 70% of its employees are Angolan. Part of the technicians was certified EN/ASNT in our training centres.

“If this process will be properly managed by the authorities, this local content can bring big opportunities to companies like ISQAPAVE, that want to do the correct approach: enabling serious and high standard quality services, processes and people to the customers and the market, but it has to be seen and managed very carefully to avoid losing important know-how.

“We have continuous training “in-house” (and in partnership) to pass know-how and develop the People, certifying continuously technicians EN/ASNT, keeping high-level profiles and embracing the angolanization process. Like referred before, this is a key factor to enable quality and high standard services to our customers,” he concluded.