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Limestones with ancient inscriptions found by German-Egyptian team


Cairo – A team of Egyptian and German archaeologists has unearthed parts of limestones with inscriptions that could be 4,000 years old, Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities said Tuesday, the latest discoveries in Cairo’s working-class al-Matariya neighbourhood.

According to the report made know to Oil and Gas Republic, some of the limestones date to the 12th and 20th dynasties, of the Middle and New Kingdoms. The mission also found parts of statues.

German Egyptologist Dietrich Raue, the head of the mission, said one inscription refers to the ancient god Atum as the deity responsible for the flooding of the Nile during the Late Period between 664 BC and 332 BC.

In March 2017, the mission discovered the torso of a colossal statue of lesser-known pharaoh Psamtik I, who ruled 664-610 BC, and further excavations brought the remains to light.

Al-Matariya, in eastern Cairo, was once part of the ancient city of Heliopolis, or the city of the sun.

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