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Magazine: Australia Leads the Way in Pushing Nigerian Mining to the Forefront (Volume 1) pdf


The Nigeria Solid Minerals Sector is a formidable one with a very bright prospect,but needs government intervention in the area of infrastructure and effective mobilisation of its operators,so as to achieve maximum results.

One of the ways to achieve good results in this area,is through bringing identified illiterate miners close to the government,so as to utilise them and their expertise,to secure a lot of revenue. The activities of illegal miners in most part of the country is an eyesaw and needs soft handling,in order to bring them closer to the government.In doing this,government should provide a form of subtle training for indentified miners and make them see reason why mining is a huge business,if properly harnessed.
Table of Contents:
– Introduction
– Potentials & Challenges of Solid Mineral Operations
– Investment Opportunities
– Exclusive Interviews
– Featured Contents


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