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Mario Ferri Universal Joints


A lot of machines today have different rods connected in one way or another. Universal joints provide means for connecting rods so the rods can bend in basically any direction. One of the oldest and most reliable universal joints manufacturers are ‘Mario Ferri Universal Joints’ based in Italy. For more than 50 years Mario Ferri have been putting all their hard work and dedication to manufacture top of the line universal joints for a wide variety of industrial uses.
Mario Ferri
Mario Ferri have launched a wide variety of universal joints each suited to a particular application. Their top of the line universal joints is the Joint Series G-H, S and X. Each of the features of these series is outlines below:
Mario Ferri 2
G-H: Constructed from a star wheel core and 2 half joints. The H series requires absolutely no lubrication and is used for high speeds whereas the G series is used middle-low speeds. The G series has sliding bushes whereas the H series has needle roller bearings.
Mario Ferri 3
S:  The S series feature integral yokes. They are made of a Nickel-Chrome alloy which is specially cemented and hardened. They also lack carried journals and pins which is useful for high torques.
Mario Ferri 4
X: These universal joints are entirely made of stainless steel. Same as the G-H they consist of a star wheel core and 2 half joints. The main feature which sets them apart is the corrosion resistance which makes them suitable for aggressive environments.
Apart from these types of joint categories to choose from, there are also the premium line of joints known as ‘Special Joints’. These are the customer requested joints which are made on their demands and all the specifications such as lengths, tolerances, durability etc. and all related joint information is provided by the customer. The company then manufactures these special joints and sends them to the customer. This is really a one of a kind service that the company is providing for customer satisfaction.
Joints come in all type of sizes and shapes but whenever you see a heavy machine then it is a surety that some of its components have been connected with universal joints. Mario Ferri have a established history of joint manufacturing and have stood the test of time as their joints are used by major production units worldwide and this fact is a testimony of the reliability they are offering.
Source:  Mario Ferri Universal joints

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