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OGTAN Becomes Board Member of The Welding Federation To Develop Skills Across Africa


The Oil & Gas Trainers Association of Nigeria (OGTAN), the independent umbrella of Training Services Providers in the Oil and Gas in Nigeria demonstrates leadership, has become a Board Member of The Welding Federation (TWF) to develop skills across Africa’s manufacturing industry.

OGTAN is a body established by the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board to build local human capital in the Nigeria’s Oil and Gas industry. She has become a huge success and a source of reference to other member states across Africa.

TWF is Africa’s body of most competitive professional organizations, associations and institutions in welding and related technology. Established in the year 2017, incorporated in South Africa, with membership spread across Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Egypt, Morocco, Uganda, Libya, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Namibia, Cameroon, Kenya and others. TWF promotes harmonized personnel development schemes for the integration and growth of Africa’s manufacturing industries.

Sam Onyechi, President of OGTAN commented, “Our preference, and inclination to TWF harmonized personnel qualification schemes is that it is beyond just a skill template. It is a solution which truly empowers the isolated and seeming insignificant individual on the streets of Accra, Lagos, Cairo, Kampala with the collective knowledge and exposure of Africa’s brightest minds, imparting the right mix of skills and doors of opportunity to live their dreams into reality. An open door to a huge stream of opportunities for Africans not laced with limitations.”

Ayo Adeniyi, Executive Director of TWF said, “Africa owes her youths the responsibility to create platforms that will empower Africa’s highly youthful population with the ability to live their full lives, earn decent incomes and feel the excitement of boundless opportunities within Africa. TWF is not just another skill template, it is Africa’s solution to job creation, to productive and sustained manufacturing, to commercialization of Africa’s research, to effective and efficient collaboration that increases capacity to deliver, to promotion of knowledge, to celebration of contributions to the quality of life and living by Africans.”   

According to Ayo Adeniyi, the irreversible commitment to Africanize the funding of Africa’s oil, gas and energy industries is certain to stir bountiful opportunities for all nationalities in the mix of market. Most important, will be the mobility of skills and corporate collaborations across industries for optimized productivity at the deeper end of manufacturing activities to service these industries. Yes, local companies irrespective of their size and or location will be tasked with deeper end opportunities in the value chain of activities unprepared. This is where the mobility of skills and corporate collaborations to increase capacity to deliver will come in handy, to ensure there are no gaps to trigger failures.

OGTAN via her continental position in The Federation will be playing her role in full measure. Complementing Africa’s Africanization agenda with Africa’s harmonized skill template to empower African youths with the right skill to harness opportunities that are bound to be stirred with the new wind of reorganization of Africa’s energy funding plans.

OGTAN promotes the development of human capacity building across all spectrum of Nigeria’s oil and gas industry through conferences, seminars, workshops, Business Technical Forums.

In line with her mission to organize, standardize and render quality training services, OGTAN brings to the Board of TWF an extensive experience covering a wide range of training services.

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