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Pleuger Brings Brand Enforcement Lawsuit Against Flowserve For Misrepresentations And Infringement


Company warns that unauthorized sales and service of submersible and rotating equipment may bring risks and increase downtime for end users

MIAMI – April 28, 2023 – Since 1929, Pleuger Industries has built a reputation for manufacturing highly reliable submersible motors, pumps and dynamic positioning thruster systems in Hamburg, Germany for the water, marine and offshore, oil and gas, renewable and mining industries. Following its acquisition from Flowserve by the international investment firm Flacks Group in 2018, Pleuger® is poised to build its portfolio and meet the demand of even more customers across the globe.

Pleuger® is renowned throughout the world’s most critical industries for products designed, engineered, and manufactured to provide unparalleled reliability and outstanding longevity in challenging and harsh environments, such as vital onshore and offshore installations.    

Pleuger’s brand heritage and reputation is central to everything Pleuger® does.  Recently, Pleuger® learned that Flowserve Corporation has been marketing itself as the manufacturer and source of Pleuger® products, despite having sold the brand and line of business to Pleuger® several years ago.  Pleuger® has filed a lawsuit against Flowserve in the United States to stop these acts of misrepresentation and trademark infringement.

Pleuger® believes that many customers with relationships with Flowserve and its representatives are not aware that Pleuger® is the owner of the brand and the source for authorized and reliable OEM parts, service, and technical assistance for Pleuger® products. Unfortunately, Flowserve has created marketplace confusion and, in doing so, has benefited from contracts with numerous government agencies who were under the mistaken belief that Flowserve is the manufacturer and OEM service provider of Pleuger® products.

The consequences of marketplace confusion extend far beyond diminishing Pleuger’s profitability and competitiveness. These unauthorized activities, including selling generic or outdated parts or carrying out unauthorized or unsupervised modifications, adversely affect the performance and reliability of Pleuger® equipment that end users depend on.  These acts in particularly impact Pleuger’s ability to fully warranty and stand behind its products. 

“Pleuger has zero tolerance for infringement of our intellectual property and has and will take necessary action against any operations that undermine the trusted brand we painstakingly built for decades,” said Anton Schneerson, CEO of Pleuger®.  “That reputation for quality and durability is our most valuable asset and these widespread misrepresentations and alterations to our products pose an existential threat to Pleuger.”

All customers are encouraged to protect themselves by buying directly from Pleuger® Industries or an authorized distributor to receive authentic products, full warranty coverage, and cost-effective service. Contact Pleuger® to learn more.

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