Poland Set To Host 7th Biogas Congress in December 2022

Biogas plants can have a huge impact on energy security. In the face of rapid changes in the European energy market, rising prices of fossil fuels and the gas crisis caused by the war in Ukraine, the development of the biogas sector and a wise waste policy seem to be more important than ever. There are only 138 agricultural biogas plants in Poland today. What to do to build more of them? How would the support system for this industry have to change? Apart from energy and heat production and waste management, what does a biogas plant provide?

We will answer these questions during the 7th Biogas Congress – the largest meeting of the biogas industry in the country, also addressed to representatives of  #energy, #industry, #heating, #transport and #no1 among biogas events in the country!


The conference will take place on December 15-16 at the Airport Hotel Okęcie, Warsaw, Poland.

7th Biogas Congress program will cover current issues and trends concerning the biogas industry in Poland and Europe.

The program of the event will include:

  • Biogas in EU and Polish policies until 2030
  • The role of biogas plants in building the country’s energy security
  • Biogas and carbon footprint reduction
  • Biogas and biomethane production technologies
  • Leaders’ Forum – debate with the participation of experts from the biogas sector

Click Here To See the report from the VI Biogas Congress 2021

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