Porsche introduces online car sales in Germany


Stuttgart, Germany – German sports car manufacturer Porsche has begun online sales of its vehicles, which had previously been available only directly from the dealer, DPA reports.

All 88 Porsche dealers across Germany were cooperating with the new system, she said. The online offer includes vehicles from Porsche’s whole product portfolio.

The head of Germany’s Porsche Sales Organization, Alexander Pollich, told Automobilwoche newspaper: “It’s a reaction to the needs of the customers, who are at home in the digital world.”

Pollich said that, by 2025, around 10 percent of Porsche sales in Germany are expected to be made online. A spokeswoman said there was no online sales forecast for this year.

Online sales are to be introduced by Porsche across Europe in 2020, while a similar model is being built in the US. Pollich said online sales “offer the chance of speaking to younger and digitally savvier consumer groups.”