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Renewables, Transmission and Distribution Major Talking Point at MEC 2020


Distributed energy resources and smart grids, solutions for non-connected and under-served markets in Latin America, addressing hydro-dominant grids in South America are the major talking point at The Madrid Energy Virtual Conference held on September 28th – October 2nd, 2020.

In his speech, Carlos Andrade, EDP Brazil’s vice president of Business Strategy and Development, announced that the company will focus on renewables, transmission, and distribution, and will not invest in hydroelectric and gas plants.

At the same time, Catherine Von Burg, SimpliPhi Power, Inc.’s CEO & Co-founder, said that a mixed portfolio should be maintained, taking into account who owns the asset and demand, possible technological and regulatory solutions, as well as cost and prices.

Speaking further, Pablo Otin, Powertis’ CEO and co-founder, anticipated that there will be a migration from conventional grids to intelligent networks, including storage.

Finally, Thiago Barral, executive president at the Brazilian Energy Research Office, pointed out that the country plans to expand the grid by 30 percent in 10 years, but more competition is needed in technological solutions as well as the adjustment of the structure of electricity tariffs, especially for small consumers.

The panelists and respondents were asked what percentage of overall power produced in Latin America will come from a distributed generation in 2035. Three panelists put the number at 5-15%; 43% of respondents agreed. The panelist anticipates more than 25%, with 36% of our respondents just as optimistic.

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