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Rosneft Refineries reaches Euro 5 Standard Gas Production


Rosneft’s oil refineries in Samara Region – the Kyubyshevsky, Novokyubyshevsky and Syzransky facilities has officially announced that they have completed their upgrading to produce Euro 5 gasoline products that comply with the technical guidelines of the Customs Union.

The production of high-quality engine fuels that meet the highest emission standards is the outcome of a successfully completed large-scale upgrading at the refineries, which was done ahead of the schedule fixed by Russian laws, and is due to the engineering and technical expertise of the company’s employees.

For instance, in the fall of 2014 the Kyubyshevsky Refinery commissioned an isomerization unit to produce high-octane components for gasoline. As part of the modernization program, the facility had previously installed a benzene concentrate recovery unit, a hydrogen generation unit with a swing adsorption machine, a viscosity breaking unit, a nitrogen production module, as well as overhauled its distillate hydro treatment and light hydrocracking units.

In February 2015, the Novokuybyshevsky Refinery commissioned two key facilities, a continuous catalytic reforming unit and a low-temperature isomerization complex as part of the large-scale investment modernization program aimed at production of commercial motor fuels of the environmentally cleanest Euro 5 standard. Previously the refinery had commissioned a hydrogen generation complex with a short-cycle adsorption unit and a benzene concentrate recovery unit, and an overhauled LSI-200 complex, which was fitted with a deizopentanizer unit; the refinery also optimized its technological schemes with regards to production and mixing of fuel components.

In 2014, the facilities refined:

  • Over 6.7 mln metric tons of oil (the Kyubyshevsky refinery)
  • Over 8 mln metric tons of oil (the Novokyubyshevsky refinery)
  • Over 7 mln metric tons of oil (the Syzransky refinery)

Under the investment program, the Syzransky Refinery commissioned a hydrogen generation unit, a wet catalysis unit for sulfuric acid production, a low-temperature isomerization complex and a benzene concentrate recovery unit. This increased the output of high-octane motor fuels low in sulfur and aromatic hydrocarbons.

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