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WEOG Commences 10 Million Tree Planting Campaign In Nigeria


By Genevieve Aningo

In commemoration of Nigeria Tree Planting Day, marked every July 14th, the Women in Energy Oil and Gas (WEOG) has launched its 10 Million Trees Planting Campaign, which is part of the association’s decarbonization project to support Nigeria’s ambition to combat climate change and achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2060.

In Nigeria, the tree planting campaign is in fulfillment of the Nigerian Government’s pledge to plant 25 million trees in Nigeria which would enhance the country’s efforts to implement the Paris climate change agreement. Tree planting is a key part of the Government’s plan to combat climate change and achieve net-zero carbon emissions.

The WEOG’s 10 million Trees planting campaign is part of the association’s celebration of its 5th anniversary and commitment towards combating climate change, enhancing greener planets, and enhancing a sustainable environment in Nigeria.

Dr. Dunni Owo, National President of the Women in Energy Oil and Gas Association said, “Trees vary significantly in their carbon absorption, with an average tree having an annual intake of 21.8 kg of CO2. The precise amount of decarbonization each tree delivers is difficult to determine due to several factors affecting it. We believe that, regardless of the exact CO2 intake, planting as many trees as possible will play a key role in future decarbonization. Trees still exceed the efficiency of any man-made carbon capture technology that currently exists”.

To ensure the efficiency of this 10-Million Trees Decarbonization Project, according to Dr. Dunni, WEOG shall be leveraging expert advice from the Ministry of Environment and Academia to ensure only the most carbon-efficient species of trees are planted.

The launch of the project, which coincided with Nigeria Tree Planting Day, was led by Toyin Yusuff (BSC, MDSS) and Stella Omabe of the WEOG, Future Energy Renewable and Climate Action Committee.

The one-day momentous 10 Million Trees Decarbonization Project launch was witnessed by Yemi Adetunji, Executive Vice President, Downstream Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) Limited; Betty Ugona, Chairperson, Global Innovation Institute (GInI) Nigeria and Ejiro Ufondu, Director, Environment, Nigerian Upstream Petroleum Regulatory Commission (NUPRC).

Elaborating on the association’s mission to support Nigeria’s decarbonization target, Dr. Dunni explained that WEOG is taking long-term efforts to reduce Nigeria’s carbon footprints in the future because the energy, oil, and gas sectors are the mainstay of the country’s economy and would still retain this status quo for a long time.

“Our research has shown that fossil fuel or not, oil and gas are going to remain highly relevant to the nation’s economic growth and decarbonization, methane mitigation, and carbon capture, are some of the ways to achieve net zero.

“Planting trees is a natural carbon absorption process with the ability to combat climate change and tame global warming by clearing the atmospheric air clogged with greenhouse gases. Trees act as carbon sinks by absorbing and storing carbon from the atmosphere.

“For Nigeria and the world to collectively reach net zero by 2060 and 2050, respectively, all available methods of carbon reduction must be put in place. This starts with the reduction of emissions by governments, businesses and individuals taking steps to reduce their direct and indirect emissions,” Dr. Dunni added.

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