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WEOG Lagos Champions Women in Energy with Exclusive Business Directory Launch


By Ndubuisi Micheal Obineme

LAGOS — In a significant move aimed at boosting the presence and success of women-owned businesses in the energy, oil, and gas sector, the Women in Energy Oil and Gas (WEOG) Lagos Chapter has announced the launch of an exclusive business directory. This initiative is a response to some of the pronounced challenges faced by women entrepreneurs in Nigeria, especially within this male-dominated sector.

Our investigation uncovered substantial financial difficulties primarily attributed to the volatile nature of the Nigerian economy. These challenges are more profound for women-owned businesses, often finding themselves at the mercy of an unpredictable market. Furthermore, there’s a noticeable gap in financial management skills among a considerable number of these business owners.

However, the financial incapacity is just one facet of the myriad of challenges faced by women in the industry. Gender discrimination has continually served as a colossal barricade preventing many women-owned businesses from achieving their full potential.

Recognizing this alarming trend, WEOG Lagos is determined to rewrite the narrative. The organization, known for its persistent advocacy for equal opportunities in the sector, has identified capacity gaps and hurdles that these businesses confront in their day-to-day operations. By understanding these challenges, WEOG Lagos aims to provide tailored solutions and resources, enabling women to not only survive but thrive.

One of the salient features of this directory is its comprehensive nature. Not only does it list businesses, but it also provides resources, training, and networking opportunities. It’s designed as a one-stop solution for women entrepreneurs seeking guidance, mentorship, or collaborations.

“The directory aims to be more than just a listing. It’s a tool, a resource, and a community,” said Joan Faluyi, the Managing Director of Offshore Dimensions and Chapter Director of WEOG Lagos. “We understand the unique challenges faced by women in this industry, and through this directory, we want to provide them with every possible advantage.”

The announcement of the business directory has been met with immense enthusiasm, with many seeing it as a step in the right direction. “It’s high time initiatives like these were introduced. For too long, women-owned businesses in the energy, oil, and gas sector have been marginalized. This directory could be a game-changer,” remarked Adejumoke Oyedun, MD/CEO, ACME Multitech Services Limited and Deputy Chapter Director, WEOG Lagos.

“WEOG’s effort is not just about leveling the playing field” commented Nnenna Maduabum, MD, Numad Energy Integrated Services Limited and External Relationships Director, WEOG Lagos; “It’s about redefining it”. With initiatives such as the business directory, Lucy Okeke, Head Environment Community and Sustainability, NMDPRA and Chapter Secretary, WEOG Lagos also said the future looks promising for women-owned businesses in the energy, oil, and gas sector.

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