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LNG US Summit 2017 to take place in Houston, Texas on 23-24 of February


The market for liquefied natural gas continues to expand as the global demand for energy is ever-rising. By the year of 2020 the global LNG market will have been expanded by 50%. It means that a lot of new companies are going to enter the global arena and make their impact.

The LNG US Summit that is going to take place in Houston, Texas (23-24 of February) is going to take a deeper look into the market and vast possibilities that are within this enormous 50% expansion. Global energy leaders from major companies are going to discuss about the future of FLNG, mid-scale LNG, LNG transportation, storage, development and many other LNG-related issues. What is more, honorable speakers are going to overview the global LNG market, its perspectives, pricing and trading.

Mark your calendars as the LNG US Summit is approaching day by day. It is going to be held less in a month – on the 23rd-24th of February in Houston, Texas. You can find more information online, just visit http://lng-usa.com/

See you amongst the industry leaders – at the end of February, in Houston!

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