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NGA : Ed Ubong Charges New Executive Members on Nation’s Gas Reserve as Akachukwu Nwokedi Takes Over


The tenure of Ed Ubong, the President of the Nigerian Gas Association (NGA), has officially ended as he urged new executive members to intersify efforts to exploit the nation’s huge gas reserve. Meanwhile Mr. Akachukwu Nwokedi, General Counsel and Company Secretary of Nigeria LNG Limited, has taken over as the new helmsman.

The change of baton took place amidst funfair and glamour during the association’s gala and dinner night held on the sideline of NGA’s 13th international conference and exhibition in Abuja on Thursday.

The Managing Director, Shell Nigeria Gas, who meritoriously served as number one gas man for two years, in his hand-over statement charged the new executive to continue with the association’s goal by getting the Nigerian government to significantly explore Nigeria’s gas reserve to solve the country’s demand shortfall.

According to him, Nigeria has significant gas reserve in the ground, but the country’s gas demand has outstripped supply.

He said, “It is interesting to discover that we do not have sufficient gas to provide electricity for millions of the citizens and can’t unlock the access to cheap LPG to aid clean cooking.

Ubong emphasised that the situation has become more severe that something must urgently be done by all the stakeholders including government and the regulators.

Nwokedi in his acceptance speech revealed that the NGA was set up as a non-partisan organisation to bring together numerous stakeholders in the Nigeria’s industry and still remain the largest gas industry voice advocating the need to use gas to unlock the country’s potential.

“It is an exciting time to be an NGA member with the global social and policies issues that the global community is facing including the challenges created by Russia/Ukraine war as well as the push for net-zero and energy transition.

“So, the Decade of Gas agenda promoted by NGA has come at the right time and it is in our nation building efforts for growth. I am delighted that the NGA has the advocate pf the industry will play key role in ensuring that we unlock the potential the industry has to offer in helping to build and transform our great nation, particularly timely, as the new administration comes on board next month.

“The NGA has a very strong membership base and with the help of Ed Ubong and the Council and other past leaders we can build competence, capacity and role that the industry expects us to play.

“We are committed to strengthening our advocacy, helping to shape policies and collaboration with all stakeholders. We will continue to build strong ties with the International Gas Union (IGU) and regional gas association and will continue to build industry capacities and knowledge through our various programmes as well as consolidate on the effort to deliver the decade of gas agenda.

“We will continue to partner with the organisations to drive diversity, equity, and inclusiveness particularly the increased participation of women in technical areas of the industry will also be a priority. To show our seriousness the new study group to drive our focus in women in the industry would soon be launched.

“We will continue to consolidate on the gains of Ed Ubong’s tenure. We will position the NGA to take advantage of the new opportunities in the hearts and mind of the industry.

The new NGA President affirmed the commitment to foster tie with stakeholders in Nigeria, African region and IGU, delivering a new energy future with new a business and fiscal regulatory environment.

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