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Schneider Electric unveils cost-efficient, ultra-smart features on APC UPS


Lagos –  Determined to ensure that power is provided at constant, acceptable voltage, current, and frequency, APC by Schneider Electric has added new features to three of its existing Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), to enrich customers’ experience.

Interrupted power supply is a common problem in Nigeria.  Also, common are power surge, which is a temporary increase in voltage on a power line, usually 10 percent to 35 percent above normal voltage and can last between a few milliseconds to several minutes; and spikes which is a dramatic increase in Voltage lasting less than 3 nanoseconds.

Surges, short-term increases in voltage levels associated with lightning or utility problems, can travel along utility and data lines damaging electronic devices and destroying valuable data.  It can also degrade the performance of electronics and shorten their lifespan. But with APC Back-UPS, Line Interactive UPS, and On-Line UPS, electronics, and devices are protected.

According to the Schneider Electric Channels Sales Manager, Oluwaseun Oloyede, the APC Back-UPS is applicable for a home environment, especially for basic appliances like personal computer, projector, television, security camera, and home automation systems.

Unlike the Back-UPS, the Line Interactive APC Easy UPS and Smart UPS is a business power UPS. It is designed for critical application such as servers, Automated Teller Machine (ATM) — company’s ATM. In other words, it is for critical business devices. It comes in series, which include Easy UPS SMV, Smart UPS SMC, SMT, and SMX.

Similarly, APC Easy UPS SRV and Smart UPS SRT/SRTG Online series are designed for a harsh power environment, especially on a critical mission equipment like medical equipment, servers, and storage devices.

“This time around, we are starting from the entry-level. We are increasing the capacity, giving more power and voltage range, adding features for customers to interact with the UPS, and helping them to be able to get value for their money. Our UPS comes with two years warranty standard, but this time around, they get value much more for money, more power at a cheaper price,” Oloyede said.

He further explained that with the Switch Outlet Group, which both the Line Interactive Smart UPS and Online UPS come with,  and the Smart Slots that allow for network management card to be used on the USP, the UPS attends to the specific individual needs of a customer at every point in time.

On the lifespan of the UPS, Oloyede said that it is designed to last for a minimum of 6-8years, adding that depending on the usage, the battery is supposed to last for close to 3-5 years. However, if it runs down in two years, the company will give the customer a replacement.

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