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Renewable Energy Adoption Key to Drive Nigeria’s Sustainable Future – NBCC


By Ndubuisi Micheal Obineme

As the world confronts environmental challenges as well as moving towards a low-carbon future, the President and Chairman of the Council of Nigerian British Chamber of Commerce, NBCC, Ray Relly said that the adoption of renewable energy will drive Nigeria’s sustainable future.

He made this known at the Nigerian-British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) Renewable Energy Event with the theme: “Renewable Energy: Innovation, Transition, Opportunities, and Challenges” on Thursday, August 24, 2023, in Lagos.

As the focus on renewable energy has taken center stage, Relly said that Nigeria’s transition towards renewable energy sources is ‘no longer a choice but a necessity’.

He stated that the energy transition has opened a world of opportunities and Nigeria must unite with the rest of the world to ensure a seamless transition through the use of new technologies and implementing policies to accelerate renewable energy adoption in Nigeria.

According to him, “There is an urgent need for Nigeria to not only design policies but to implement large-scale energy transition programs that are sustainable and affordable, which will see to the wide-scale adoption of renewable energy sources to combat the crisis foisted on us by climate change.

“Nigeria 2021 Climate Change Act is highly commendable, but, putting all aspects of it into practice is where the emphasis should be right now. How compliant are we? Do we know the benefits?

“There is a need for public enlightenment campaign so that citizens will be better informed about carbon emissions and why they need to translate to less harmful practices.”

About Nigerian British Chamber of Commerce
Established in 1977, NBCC is an international affiliate of the British Chamber of Commerce which promotes trade and investment between Nigeria and Britain. The chamber currently has over 400 corporate members from diverse sectors of the economy.

As an affiliate of the British Chamber of Commerce, NBCC has access to a network of 53 chambers of commerce across the United Kingdom, and 71 other affiliates across other part of the world.

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